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The depth and breadth of direct marketing skill sets and technologies is a far cry from what it once was. Mailing, of course, is still the integral component. How the mail is prepared, designed, printed, sorted, packaged, shipped and tracked is now entirely data based, driven, measured and evaluated. At Didit DM, we tell our customers that it’s all about technology… in the right hands. And, nobody handles direct mail like we do.

Our direct mail services process is systematic and streamlined. Like a finely tuned machine, each segment of our operation works in perfect harmony with the next, propelling your marketing message to its desired destination with speed, precision, confidentiality and cost-effectiveness. Upon arrival, our strategic, back-end, online marketing initiatives are locked, loaded and launched— enhancing your message with emphasis and continuity.

Response is the measure of direct mail. Each of the of the skill sets and technologies we use is geared toward squeezing every ounce of opportunity out of your mailing efforts. We do it with analytic programming, visual enhancement, printing technology and postal short cuts. We track your communication’s effectiveness, as well as its geographic location. Then we bolster its impact with online reinforcements that never give up. Bottom line… Didit DM delivers a greater return value for your direct marketing spend— with services that extend far beyond traditional direct mail expectations.

Data Programming

Accurate, in-depth data management is what structures the key components of each unique barcode. Every critical aspect of postal acceptance, guidance and cost consideration is driven by the barcode’s customized footprint. Additionally, we rely on our programming prowess to help configure, track and prep multi-channel marketing follow-through once the mailing is delivered.


Direct Mail Design

Does your direct mail piece fully comply with postal standards? Is it leveraging postal efficiencies and discounts? Take advantage of our complimentary design audit to determine if your design is up to spec. Our creative team is always available to lend its talents to your direct mail efforts. We are both sensitive and attuned to brand continuity, and can create a custom piece at a moment’s notice.


Print Management

Today, there are so many printing options open to direct marketers. Every mailing piece has unique requirements, and every mailing has budgetary considerations. Whether the technology calls for traditional sheet-fed offset or ultra high-speed digital equipment, Didit DM has the expertise and the printing know-how to meet the speed, complexity and cost parameters of your mailing.



Fulfillment challenges give us the perfect opportunity to show how resourceful we can be. We can easily handle a basic “pack and ship” assignment with speed and precision, but our abilities can take your promotional mailings so much farther— like with package design and kit assembly— and by customizing system efficiencies from warehouse through post office. More options. Less stress.


Mail Tracking

Pinpoint your mailing’s location and effectiveness in real time with Mail Tracker Plus— a tremendous online service that not only tracks progress, but schedules follow-up marketing tactics to launch in perfect sequence once your initial mailing piece has reached its destination. Personalized messaging strikes while the iron is hot— boosting awareness, response and conversion rates.



A dynamic lettershop is key to direct mail timing and performance. Efficiency and optimization are the buzzwords we target. To get there we partner the-best¬-of-the-best mailroom technicians with the latest, high-speed labeling, sorting inserting and bindery equipment. Given the tonnage of mail that passes through daily, its remarkable that such speed and precision can coexist without a hitch.


Postal Optimization

Postal optimization requires an in-depth understanding of postal regulation, processes, and equipment to leverage every economic idiosyncrasy that’s inherent in the system. It then requires pinpoint data management to build the perfect barcode— direct mail’s ticket to speedy delivery, accurate tracking and lower rates. We have the system in place keep direct marketers… and the USPS… completely satisfied.


Variable Data Imaging

Variable Data Printing isn’t a new technology, or proprietary to Didit DM— but we can’t overstate its value. Naturally, we gear our printing equipment to make the most if its personalization advantages. Plus… you can even structure your online marketing initiatives around your rich VDP database to direct custom messaging after mailings are sent. Mail gets more attention… when it gets personal.



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