Direct Mail Automation from Didit DM
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Are your mailings designed to process efficiently, meet postal regulations and qualify for postal discounts?

Direct Mail Design

We’ll imprint your brand on a custom piece, and design it with style and practicality.

Does your direct mail piece need a quick shot of creativity? Our stable of award-winning marketing strategists, writers, designers, interactive developers and print production specialists is at your disposal and ready to make direct mail magic. We will work with you to tailor a mailing or fulfillment package that fully complies with postal regulations, and incorporates production efficiencies that can make your mailing as cost-effective as it is impactful. We can also personalize your digital communications by using our variable data printing technology to imprint follow-up e-mail messaging.

The opportunity to personally connect with your market has never been greater. Personalized mailings simply pull a better response, and Didit DM has an arsenal of print-based technologies that effectively link your mailing to multiple online resources.

Our advanced Direct Mail design will:

  • Integrate web-based information into printed communications through the use of PURLS (personalized URLS) and mobile barcodes, such as QR Codes (Quick Response codes).
  • Capture response information online, and track mailing effectiveness in real time across multiple channels.


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