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Are your mailings designed to process efficiently, meet postal regulations and qualify for postal discounts?

Mail Tracking

Perfect timing tops every direct marketer’s wish list. Split-second visibility is key for timely, multi-channel mail tracking.

We call it Mail Tracker Plus. “Plus” because our system provides more than instantaneous online access to direct mail location and scheduling. Didit DM allows marketers to tap into our vast SEM database— an analytic goldmine that yields market insight capable of skyrocketing campaign opportunities and ROI across every possible marketing channel. Regardless of the means—
e-mail, SMS, landing and micro-sites, QR codes, web PURL, or social media, our team can build a direct mail tracking and support structure that precisely pinpoints mail delivery times, and then follows through with an arsenal of marketing weapons— at the right moment for max awareness, response and conversion.

Mail Tracker Plus never leaves strategic response time to chance. Now you can easily plan for a multi-phase campaign that delivers consistent, reinforced messaging at predictable and pre-determined intervals. You can even measure online click-through, and conversion, rates in real time. Personalized, follow-up communications across all channels is imperative for direct marketing success in today’s fast-paced, cyber environment. Relevancy optimizes opportunity. Didit DM has the technology and technical know-how to make it happen.

Some of the features of Mail Tracker Plus include:

  • Track mail online in real time
  • Synchronize timing on multi-channel campaigns
  • Trigger outbound e-mails and text messages
  • IMB tracing and reporting
  • USPS discount management and monitoring
  • Postage and logistics analysis
  • Track e-mail open rates
  • Measure click-through rates
  • Identify opt-outs for possible retargeting


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