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Are your mailings designed to process efficiently, meet postal regulations and qualify for postal discounts?

Postal Optimization

Getting the most out of your direct mail effort takes specialized skills and technology to build it, track it, and support it.

Postal optimization begins with a rich database and the key postal software to structure IMB’s with precision, personalization, discount validation, and auditing sequences. After production and printing, the process continues through high-speed mail sorting, postal delineation and drop shipment. Ultimately, Mail Tracker Plus takes over— providing visual real time access to mail flow, and triggering next-phase sales and marketing initiatives through a multitude of channels. The entire process operates seamlessly, confidentially and securely— protected by an in-plant surveillance, a closed-access security system, and our enhanced FTP transmission safeguards.

Didit DM has the system and the skill sets in place to satisfy the most conscientious and discerning direct mail marketer.

Mail optimization and tracking

  • IMB (Intelligent Mail Barcode) creation, management and assignment
  • IMB tracing and reporting
  • Full-service discount management and monitoring
  • Postage and logistics analysis
  • Postage Optimization
  • Mail monitoring and delivery management

Multi-channel delivery and reporting

  • Direct Mail
  • EMail
  • QR Codes
  • Personal URLS (PURLS) and landing pages
  • Microsites and portals
  • SMS/Text Messaging
  • Social Media


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