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Variable Data Imaging

Nothing captivates a mail recipient’s attention more than a personalized greeting or a direct invitation to a customized online resource.

Today most direct marketers wouldn’t think of launching a direct mail effort without the visual incentives that variable data printing (VDP) provides. It’s a no-brainer. Why not take advantage of technology that could boost response rates TEN TIMES higher than static direct mail campaigns? Personalized text and imagery is the next best thing to a one-on-one sales encounter, and Didit DM has the latest software and print management capabilities to deliver your all-important message with a personalized exclamation point. Then we access the same rich database that drives VDP to personally seed your online marketing tools— e-mail, social, and landing page applications.

Whether you’re customizing your direct mail printing via offset or digital equipment, Didit DM has the technical know-how to deliver:

  • Greater response
  • Greater value and lower cost per response
  • More repeat business

Just consider the advantages of taking variable data imaging to the next level:

  • Sales-building personal URLS (PURLS)
  • Personalized QR codes
  • Customer-centric e-mails and texts
  • Social media applications


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