Improve your direct mail? We have secret tech!!

OK, the secret is our INCEPTOR technology that turns direct mail into a Glengarry lead-generation engine placing custom, personalized QR codes on EVERY piece of direct mail.
And we know the tricks to getting the best postage rates, using the right paper, envelopes, dimensional mail, and the strategies for highest response rates. Plus because of Inceptor and our parent organization, Didit, we are digitally integrated.
When you’ve got a vital message, a critical mailing and an urgent deadline speed also matters.

Didit DM is one of the nation’s leading direct mail marketing firms, providing creative, print production, lettershop and fulfillment services all under the same roof.

Get a quote in 30 minutes, have us audit your current mailings, or learn about inceptor.

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Today’s direct mail services are all about technology, data holistic ROI tracking, and efficient/effective use of budgets…

And nobody handles direct mail like we do.

Satisfied Clients

Creative Executions

360 Marketing

Direct Mail works best when it’s NOT in a silo! Integrate your direct mail into a holistic plan with Didit.

Direct Mail

Didit DM empowers businesses just like yours with exciting and effective opportunities to personally connect with your target market.

Digital / Offset Printing

Bring your business to life with the eye-catching, high resolution, vibrant-true colors behind our high-quality, and cost-effective digital printing technology.


Direct mail fulfillment is equal parts art and science. Visual appeal, structural integrity, and cost-conscious shipping are all part of the package.

Creative Design

Our creative wizards build your visual brand identity, drive brand recognition, and tell the unique story behind your brand in magical, magnificent, and meaningful ways.


We built our reputation on accelerating eager businesses into industry powerhouses with multi-channel strategies focused on delivering the greatest impact for the marketing dollar.

Mail Optimization

At Didit DM, direct mail optimization begins with a rich database and the critical postal software to structure precise and personalized IMBs complete with discount validation and auditing sequences.


Data Programming

Our expert programmers work tirelessly in our high-capacity, locked-down data center to maximize your direct mail campaign. We merge traditional data input with complex data processing to launch multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Variable Imaging

Static direct mail campaigns are a thing of the past. The future of reaching ten times more mail recipients with the visual incentive of variable data imaging technology is now. Variable imaging is the core of the Inceptor Technology.

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