Direct Mail Scale of Justice
November 15, 2015:
Marketing requires agencies and businesses to be aware of — and on top of — the latest trends. In recent years, digital strategy—whether its social media, content marketing, or paid search – has been the main focus for many brands.

While digital marketing is definitely important to reach your demographic, smart marketers know better than to put all of their eggs in one digital basket. Instead, they opt for a more holistic, multi-channel approach that includes direct mail. Here’s why:

  1. Reaching your demographic. According to the Pew Research Center, only 58% of seniors use the Internet. This means that 42% of seniors won’t see your digital ads. If you need to reach the over-65 set with your marketing, you’ll have to rethink just using digital. Surprisingly, younger audiences have expressed that they prefer direct mail, perhaps because they are so overloaded with e-mail, social, and search-based advertising.
  2. E-mail isn’t as reliable as it used to be. Thanks to spam filters and consumers’ general frustration with clogged inboxes, the open rate of e-mails has declined significantly in recent years. While e-mail is still a great way to stay in contact with those already subscribed to your product or service, it may not be the best way to gain new customers.
  3. Personal: According to Compu-Mail, 70% of Americans say mail is more personal than the Internet. Audiences recognize the effort that is put into printed mail, and there is more of a chance that they will respond.
  4. Showing Value of Customers: Many customers see the time and effort that is put into printed campaigns, and feel more valued by the business. Whether it’s an exclusive deal/coupon, or even tips or valuable information, printed media provides an element of exclusivity that the vast landscape of the internet does not.
  5. Cost-Per-Lead: Direct mail is cost-efficient and delivers more conversions, according to the Online Marketing Institute. “With a higher conversion rate than any other medium, the Print on Demand Institute (PODI) found that direct mail out-pulled all other channels tested in terms of conversion rates, both for lead-generating “free” offers and one-step “buy now” offers.”