Every business cares about ROI—and the numbers present a convincing argument for modern brands to focus more on direct mail: the marketing medium delivers an average return on investment of almost 30 percent. Food for thought: direct mail chimes in at a higher ROI than paid search (23%) and online display (16%) but trails behind email (124%) and social media (30%). Brands like yours can expect rewarding, cost-effective results from the only marketing channel that puts the right message (literally) into the right hands for costs as low as 30 cents per piece.

The case for the physical inbox.

Despite living in a world of email, text messages, and social media, 41% of modern American consumers look forward to checking their mailbox each morning. (Although the 65-plus age group takes more pleasure in the daily task than younger adults, the morning stroll to the mailbox still pulls at the heartstrings of 36% of the under-30 crowd.) Brands can expect millennial and senior target audiences alike to engage with and respond to this personal touch from company to consumer.

We know how direct mail works—by driving engagement, building lasting relationships, and (practically) paying for itself in ROI—but why does it work? The list of proof is long—but it starts with the 80% of consumers who are more likely to buy from brands that personalize the experience. And no medium does the job better than direct mail.

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Direct mail results get personal.

The “secret to successful marketing” is no secret: know your audience and target them one-to-one (no cookie-cutter tactics). It’s far simpler to create one message, send it to everyone, and see what converts. However, consider the pay-off and the decision to personalize your next direct mail piece is a no-brainer.

Direct mail personalization tailors your message by user preferences, past shopping behaviors, and relevant demographics that work together to capture attention, get your mail opened, and improve how customers experience your brand. Remember: people appreciate, enjoy, and notice the contents of their mailbox. For modern brands, this simple fact translates to higher conversion rates.

More reasons direct mail works.

Direct mail gives your brand a human face, connects with your customers on a more personal level, and makes your product or service stand out. Easy to execute, measure, and track, direct mail rivals digital marketing in helping brands target specific markets based on age, location, income level, and other criteria. Consider more ways direct mail works:

  • Less clutter. Less competition. Rather than competing with the average office worker’s 121 daily emails, brands targeting the physical mailbox gain more opportunity from less competition.
  • Synergy of hybrid marketing. Direct mail and digital marketing working together help brands capture more attention, generate more leads, and drive more success.
  • Increases brand awareness. 71% of people are more responsive to marketing that feels personal. Spread the word about your brand with a strong, customized, personalized piece.
  • Direct mail is tangible. Tangible mail leaves a deeper footprint in the brain. Expect better results from a marketing piece your customers can feel in their hand.
  • More staying power than digital ads. In a connected age where the average internet user stumbles upon—and potentially forgets—hundreds of digital ads every day, direct mail delivers a message that stays fresh in your customer’s mind.
  • Direct mail is cost-effective. Brands can control every aspect of a direct mail campaign to optimize costs—and the ROI speaks for itself: 56% of consumers contact brands after receiving direct mail.

Direct mail postcard pointers.

More than half of people are more likely to read a postcard than open an envelope. Here’s how to make your next postcard stand out, captivate, and convert:

  • Show—don’t tell—with high quality images. Your goal is simple: capture attention with a professional image that speaks to your audience—and entice customers to read more.
  • Brevity is a brand’s best friend. Craft short and sweet copy to connect with customers. Your mission: get in, deliver your message, and get out.
  • Style fonts to match your message. The right font makes all the difference. Figure out what your brand represents and then find a font that delivers the message.
  • Highlight and strengthen important messages with color. The human eye naturally gravitates towards certain colors—and the human brain naturally perceives messages based on color. Red can evoke danger, passion, or romance, while blue can symbolize calm and quiet. Select the right color for your message to strengthen the power of your direct mail postcard campaign.
  • Finish with a strong call-to-action. Long paragraphs and short sentences both demand a strong indicator of next steps your target audience should take. Tell customers how to get ahold of you and what to do when reaching out. Don’t forget to add your contact information including a phone number, email address, and website.

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